Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall: The Season of Frantic Fishing

Fall is a pain for multi species anglers like myself. It is the only time of year when literally everything is feeding and feeding well. Here's a look at the fish I'd like to target in the next month and a half: walleye, pickerel, pike, bass, brook trout, brown trout, carp, stripers, bluefish, albies, and blackfish. I have a limited time to catch all those fish, and I want very badly to catch all of them before the season is done. So that means I need to fish. A lot. That's not such a bad thing, but it means I have a lot of trips to plan and organize. But let's get the easy ones out of the way early... walleye, pickerel, and bass are all close to home. I went out last night to hunt for the first of those three, and I did manage to find one. After being bit off by a pickerel and landing a few small bass, and right before I was about to leave, I had a walleye take.

It was not a big walleye by any means, and it didn't take long to land being that even a big walleye isn't that tough a fighter. The fish ate my favorite walleye fly, a white and brown double deceiver. It was quickly photographed and released.

Grip & Flop


  1. That's a nice catch! That pond holds some nice fish and I'm sure you will get a 30 incher.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. I love the confidence but most walleye fisherman will never catch a 30 incher. It's the holy grail of hard core walleye anglers and I am not really skilled in that game.