Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pond Hopping for Carp

Other than one massive carp in the Thames system, I have only ever caught carp in the watershed I live in. Well, that is until today. I've been trying to assist fellow fly fishing nut Mark Alpert in his quest to catch a carp. He is as much of a new water hunter as I am, in chatting with him I discovered that he already new a lot of my "secret" spots. This morning we went to three ponds he had found that had some potential of producing carp. The first on is in a fairly recognizable spot, so I'm going to refrain from posting photos of it. Suffice to say we were there for a short time and the carp that were feeding there did not come in to the shore during that time. I could tell though that at the right time it must be a very productive fly carpin' pond.

The next pond was unreal. There were so many fish feeding you'd think it would be easy. Nope! There were lots of fish bubbling anywhere from ten to 40 feet out, and they seem nearly impossible to catch. If we were going to catch fish in this pond they would be the ones that come right in to feed along the edge. There were a good number of those and it didn't take me long to hook one. It was the only one of the morning, but it was a stunning little fish! These are two ponds I can't wait to return to.


  1. That's a nice carp. I need to catch a carp on a fly. My small stream rod my not do the job.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. It will only work for fish the size of this little one and under. I've been tempted before to fish or them with a much lighter rod than my 10 ft 5wt, which has caught me some of my nicest carp.