Monday, September 5, 2016

Hunting for a Giant Perch

Last week I caught my personal best yellow perch, an astonishingly large fish at 14 inches in length. The other day I went back to the river hoping I could find another fish that size. Unfortunately that didn't end up happening, but then again it isn't possible to just snap your fingers and catch a trophy fish. It generally takes lots of time and effort, and I'm not sure I want to invest all of my fishing time in looking for a big perch. I may start putting a little bit more time in during the spring spawning run though!

The piece of water I have decided to target the perch run in is the tidal section of a stream that empties into the Connecticut River. Perch that live in the river move in to these tidal streams in the spring to spawn, and some just don't leave until the end of fall. Small streamers on 2x are all that is needed to catch a whole pile of them.

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  1. Nice size on those Perch. I haven't caught any that size for a long time.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...