Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wiggle Tails and Walleye

There are some boundaries between what is a fly and what isn't, and almost every person has their own boundaries. Mine may be a bit more lenient than others. I will never be seen spraying streamers with stinkbait for brown trout. I will occasionally use a small piece of cut bait or rind as a trailer on a clouser, but ONLY when targeting bullheads. Lately I have started tying pike streamers with rubber wiggle tails. This is not at all an original idea, take a look at kanalgratisdotse on youtube. Those Scandinavian fly designers have been fooling pike on flies that use wiggle tails for some time. Frankly, after having tested a few today, the action is awesome. Not only does the tail move but all of the materials on the trailer hook move with it. It looks alive. If you don't like it, say it isn't a fly... too bad I'm going to fish it anyway.

Once I was done fooling around with the new giant pike and bass patterns I went for walleye. The weather conditions the past few days are almost identical to weather last winter that gave up some nice walleye. I stuck on a little clouser and fished it on a sink tip with a slow figure eight retrieve. I stuck a white perch on the third cast.

About 10 casts later I got a violent take which was followed by an equally violent though brief run. And that was pretty much the entirety of the fight of a decent walleye.

I'm still waiting to break the thirty inch mark. I know there are a few 28's in this pond, I've caught one that size, and plenty of 26's. I just have to break 30.


  1. I agree on the rubber tails. They give a lot of action that attracts the big ones. Here it seems that white and silver work well.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. White and silver, a baitfish staple.