Friday, October 7, 2016

20 Consecutive Months

I'm trying to go two years without missing a month on the dry fly trout front. Because I caught a nice wild brookie today on a foam beetle, October is now my twentieth month in a row. I have four more months left. I can do it, but only if the winter weather lets me!

The deal sealing brook trout

Brookies weren't exactly the fish of focus for the outing, I spent about a third of the trip fishing in small streams. The rest of the time was focused on bass, or whatever I could get (which turned out to be nothing) in the Connecticut River. The fog was stunning. That made up for the substantial periods of time during which I caught nothing.

The second stream was being a pain, as usual in the fall it was loaded with floating leaves. The brook trout know they are safe under the leaf patches so that's where they stay.

 There were some carp breaching at my favorite spot on the river, but that was pretty much the only sign of life. On to the kettle lake.

The fog on the kettle lake was only there for a little while, but it was cool while it lasted!

Once the sun was out it was sight fishing time. Despite there being some big fish around, as well as some schools of one pound fish, I was stuck with the dinks and a few big bluegills. I'm not complaining. When you get to sight fish for bass cruising mid water column in fifteen feet or more... yeah, that's pretty freaking sweet!

Oh, and I caught a musk turtle! Yeah, it was a pretty great day.


  1. Yes, it was a good day. Beautiful catches and the colors of the season are coming out. I love the fog when fishing, but not when driving.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...