Saturday, October 15, 2016

Home River Check

I have not fished my home river in a few months, both for its sake and my own sanity. To think, three years ago I was able to fish it every week throughout the whole summer! I have to say it wasn't in that bad a shape today. It was MUCH worse last year. Yes, it is about a foot lower than it should be, but it is  certainly livable for the trout. As long as the water levels start to come up before daytime temperatures drop bellow 25 it should be fine.

I saw a crap load of fish today. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, skinny ones, brown ones, brookie ones... and yet I was still happy to leave the stream with only a few fallfish, common shiners, and a largemouth brought to hand. Frankly the trout here need to conserve their energy to make more little trout,  as this is perhaps the most important year for them to be successful in spawning. The highlight of my day? I found a pair of beautiful wood turtles! My home river always gives up something amazing.

I realize it has been a few months since I have caught a brown trout... I know I know it's rough. These conditions have not given us a break though. I would like to get over to the Housatonic soon but I don't think it's very likely. 


  1. A nice trip to your home water. There are a few fishable spots and glad to hear you saw many fish. The turtles were interesting.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Seeing fish does not assure their safety. If the water doesn't come up in the next month these trout and a lot of other stream life will be lost over the winter.