Saturday, October 15, 2016

Close Combat

The water was perfectly crystal clear and glass calm, and even better there was not a could in the sky. I knew it was sight fishing time.

The best side of the pond is much too brushy for a normal approach. I found a small gap and crawled up. The bank of the man made pond drops steeply, and the water just two feet off shore is four feet deep. The pond is 20 feet at the deepest. The fish like to cruise this brushy, steep shore. I squeezed in tight and dropped in my little streamer.  Fish came in to take a peak. The first few to be fooled were bluegills.

Eventually a giant showed up, a yellow perch well over 14 inches. I sat tight and twitched my little streamer like a jig. The fish showed concerned interest. It wasn't buying what I was trying so desperately to sell. Then along came a naive little perch to mess things up. The big fella is still there to be harassed another day.

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