Saturday, October 1, 2016

a WTMA, Fallfish, and Pond Pickerel

It is great when other people's plans unfold in such a way that allows me to fish places that are a little out of the way for my day to day trips. Today my mom and stepdad had so shopping to do in West Hartford, so I asked them to drop me off at a spot I know that has a stream and a few ponds all in close proximity so I could get a couple of hours in.

The stream is actually a WTMA, and I hadn't fished it for more that a couple minutes until today. It was cold! I may be needing to switch to the waders now, I was wet wading today and if it had been a couple degrees cooler it would have been a bit uncomfortable.

I was truly expecting to catch some big beautiful fall brook trout, but that ended up being a pipe dream as there were simply no salmonids of any variety in the section of stream I was fishing. My friend Mark has caught brookies further upstream, so clearly I have some more exploring to do. Today it was all fallfish on beetles and skaters.

The main reason I wanted to fish the pond was that there are some big carp in it. I could see a few bubbling not far from shore, but the were infuriatingly difficult. I may have gotten one eat, but it's hard to say. What I did catch was a decent pickerel, some bluegill, and a little crappie. The pickerel was a minor miracle. It took very deeply and my carp leader is by no means meant for toothy critters! Had it not taken the fly a foot from the bank and jumped on shore, my fly would have been a goner! 


  1. Nice pickerel! The stream looks like it will hold some good trout. Hope you got some rain! The water levels my take a while to come back.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thanks,
      Some parts do but evidently not this section.

  2. Nice over sized hackle on that skater.
    Try tying in the hackle at the center of hook shank.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I wouldn't have thought to try that.