Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cold Panfish!

Yesterday was cold. It even snowed a little, small pellet like ice that was to light to be considered sleet. It was windy too, with 30 mph gusts whipping up whirlwinds of leaves and bits of trash. The weather was not conducive to enjoyable fishing, but only if you aren't me. I'm most comfortable with a fly rod in my right hand an my line in the other, regardless of the weather and stream conditions. The fish could care less as well, the wind sometimes brings them food, and I'm the warm blooded one. So off I went, on a hunt for fish on dammed up sections of a little stream, a tail water with to many dams to have trout for the first 2 miles. I was looking for panfish: I can't name a species that lives in CT that I haven't caught in this creek. The first location proved uneventful, but the second was better. I put on A bead eyed fly I typically would use for carp, but it would sink fast and that would be the issue of importance in cold conditions. I didn't really work the fly. I twitched the rod tip occasionally to see if anyone was home, and two hungry fish came to say hello.

Chilly Sunset

Get it Out of My Mouth!

Camo on a rock bass. Quit beautiful really.  

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  1. You're waxing poetic and your pictures fit perfectly. Loved this post. : )