Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weird Small Stream Fish

Today I had plans, but they were canceled. So I decided to go fishing. I picked up a 4 weight and hit the bridge pool I mentioned in a post last week. I tied on a weighty nymph and used the same method that had worked so well under similar conditions. I didn't catch a trout. But I did catch some fish. If you ask me, the first has no business being in a small stream. Not that his presence is destructive. It is just exceptionally unusual to find him in a cold water freestone stream with only a few deep pools. The first fish to eat the fly was, of all things, a crappie.

I continued fishing and caught a little bluegill. I the fished the head of the pool and caught a chub and spooked up a big trout that saw my nymph snag a leaf and drag it out of the water. I then headed stream to a long stretch that I know is popular with spawning trout. I found this redd, and the watched the trout that occupied it until the scrambled around to the other side when I moved to grab my camera.

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