Saturday, November 2, 2013

Small Stream Action

Today felt like a trout day, so I headed to the Salmon. It sucked.

I biked past some random small streams and thought to myself "they have to have fish." They didn't suck. The first cast with a calf tail bomber and a trout whacked it. I only briefly felt his fight. Ho worries, the next cast a nice little salmon par took. I worked my way upstream to find at the head of the next pool a perfect lie. The cast was made, and a beautiful trout of sizable proportions came up and slurped down the bomber. I continued fishing with only on hit and soon reached a pool too big and slow to fish and decided to check the other little creek. It poured out chubs and salmon par. The only trout was seen right as I was leaving and I threw a pine cone too his feeding lane to see his reaction. The crazy little brooky came up and whacked it! I decided to come back and catch him another day.

Chubs. They can be a pain.

Pretty salmon par.

Blue Wing Olive

this will be some good terrestrial fishing in the summer!

She wanted it!

Sparse spotting.

A pool on the second stream.

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  1. May not have been your greatest fishing day, but I really loved the pictures.