Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today I was supposed to take a trip to the Naugatuck with my father, but we decided that we should stay close to home. We headed out to some trout rivers. We had terrible luck until we made our way to a bigger river. It was cloaked with fog, and was eerily beautiful. I regret not taking a picture. My dad tied on a nymph, and I decided a big streamer was the way to go. I chose a big white fly made simply of a white rabbit strip tied to the hook shank with copper wire. I fished runs downstream, and in one I hooked a trout while the big streamer was dead drifting through a shallow rifle. I landed a gorgeous little bow. It just goes to show that even a little feller is willing to hammer a 3 in long streamer. He didn't nip it either, I had to work a extracting the hook from deep in it's throat. Luckily he recuperated quickly.
Is this a wild? I think so....

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