Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nymphing on Two Small Streams

Today dawned warm and sunny, so I hit the streams. The first only produced salmon par, but the second proved to be perfect. I fished upstream on the first creek alternating between nymphs and an Edson Tiger bucktail. Plenty of little salmon hurled themselves at the bright colored streamer, many jumping out of the water for it. I saw some big trout, but the bright sun had put them off the bite. The second stream was more shaded, and i found a deep bend pool to fish. At first some big browns were rising, but the wind picked up and rain started and pushed them back to the bottom. A Zug Bug did the trick, bringing a wild brown and a holdover brown and rainbow to hand. All fought valiant and were safely returned home.
Stream #1

Baby Salmon

Wild Brown

Nice holdover brown trout.

Been a while since I last caught one of these. 

Why I love trout.

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