Monday, February 17, 2014

A Pretty Little Wet Fly

I often throw a bunch of random materials together and tie up some flies with them. Today I did such with the idea of a small atlantic salmon wet fly. Can anyone think of any good names?

Any #6 up-eye wet fly hook will do,
Any thread would work as well.
Tag: yellow floss
Tail: 1/2in green hackle fibers under slightly shorter guinea fowl
Butt: peacock hurl
Body: orange seal fur dubbing
Ribbing: white super floss
Beard: wood duck, to hook point
Wings: mallard quill, white; olive; and white
Hackle: green neck hackle
Head: olive thread


  1. Lucky Charm! Not sure why, but it feels Irish to me... many of their flies have greens to them, and there is a great salmon fishing history... Love the blog!

    1. Thank you. That would be a good name, maybe it will be the one.

  2. I like Will's suggestion. Likewise, love your blog !