Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Small Subterranean Mammals, AKA Big Trout Food

Out in the snow today I saw a little black creature skittering across the surface. My cat like instincts eventually had me holding a mole in my right hand. I gently lowered him into a bucket and went to get the camera.

If one of these tried to cross a slow pool with a big trout residing in it, particularly at night, I bet that it would not reach the other side.
 After I got the picture I was looking for, I let him continue with his dark underground life. 


  1. Didn't know they swam! You're teaching an old dog lots of new tricks. Nice pictures.

    1. Every once in a while a mole, vole, or mouse decides for some reason to cross a river. It happens often enough that mouse flies are the top pattern in some places, such as Kamchatka (in Russia) and for brook trout in Labrador. Up there they eat lemings too!

  2. Great vole pix -- you must be lightning-quick to catch this little critter by hand!