Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ice, Ice, Ice!

I went out to a a few small streams, and one big one. Unfortunately they were very iced up. I ended up chucking three nymph rigs under ice shelves. I did get one little guy to follow the rig out from under the ice, but he saw me and boogied. The most fun I had was lobbing boulders onto a huge slab of ice to see if I could get it to break. One rock punched a hole and then the slab cracked and groaned and lifted and sunk. For about 15 minutes, the ice was making quite a bit of racket! I wonder what a flash flood breaking it up would sound like?

The tilted slab to the far right tilted naturally while I was fishing.

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  1. There sure is not of ice out there. It will take some time before thing thaw !

    1. Yeah. It was weird, I saw a smaller stream that is very slow moving with almost ice free! Doesn't hold trout though.