Saturday, February 22, 2014

Taking Advantage of the Weather

Today was very warm, I decided to go out in the woods. I took my dog and went out. I spent a little while around a few streams. One holds fish, and I consider it my home water. The other two are vacant. I spent most of the day following deer and coyote trails. I found a random clump of deer hair in one track way, a very thoroughly eaten coyote kill, and a chewed up belt. That last find was more than a little unusual.
I found it interesting how different a stream is in the winter. In one pool were two very significant whirlpools. Another pool had seemingly moved about ten feet upstream.

Can you see all 6 dear?

Followed the fresh tracks right to the source.

This is probably how those crazy ice circles form. I've never seen a natural whirlpool this size

Speak of the devil! 

This pool typically starts At the large rock nearest to me. Ice has backed it up a lot!

Skunk Cabbage! Spring is near.

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