Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dries in February

Despite warnings that the ice would not melt, I just had to wet a line. I went to one of my favorite haunts, and surprise! Open water, a mediocre stonefly hatch, and rising brook trout. On went a Royal Coachmen and she immediately brought beautiful trout to and. This included two on one cast! A brooky fry snagged the fly and a bigger fish ate both. The little one flopped out of the others mouth before I could get to my camera.

As I crossed the stream before leaving I looked down and was surprised to see an alive but very cold green frog. Skunk cabbage lined the banks, signalling the distant hope of spring.


  1. Nice job, I only found ice on Saturday !

  2. Thank You. Most of the streams I passed going to that one were frozen, but springs feed this brook and keep it around 40 degrees even in the winter.