Monday, October 20, 2014


This evening I was about ready to go chase Native Brookies, but instead decided to go back to chase trout with streamers in hopes of breaking out of yesterday's skunk. Fortunately this was a good idea. In the first pool I had a chase and a strong take. The next led to a nip. Then finally, in a deep trough, I saw an active brown. Into the water went the streamer. Sure enough the fish hammered it and reluctantly came to hand. He had very clean, crisp gill plate markings.

The Mangled Streamer

Catch you later!

Far downstream I took a smaller brown in a long glide. The pocket water bellow this holds quite a few fish, and sure enough a rainbow chased and hit. I spotted a nice brown by the commotion he made in a small shallow pocket, and sure enough he chased the Barely Legal right to the shore. When he took his back was well out of the water, quite a sight. Enough to startle me and ruin the chances of a good hook set. I'll catch that fish on the next outing there. 


  1. Nice catch and good experiance. That water and shore line looks good. I could camp there for days. Fish on...

    1. It is a beautiful river. I just wish it still had a healthy wild fish population.