Saturday, October 11, 2014

Without a Rod

Occasionally, one accidentally discovers a fantastic looking brook trout stream while hiking. Typically, without a fly rod, this just serves as a scouting outing. However, today was not the case for me.

On a hike deep in the woods this afternoon, I discovered a beautiful looking, un-mapped brook. I did not immediately see it's potential, but marching upstream I saw some fish scattering in the plunge pools. I had the suspicion that they were natives. But I needed a closer look. So, after spooking one under a rock, I gently reached into the fresh cold water and extracted the fish.

I must say, this is the least romantic way to fish, and I would much rather have crawled up to the pool and gently presented an Ausable Bomber to catch this fish. At the time I couldn't have.

The fish was indeed a Brooky, wild as the hills. I placed her back and went on to observe the other fish, rising to midges, rooting about in the leaves, and resting on the bottom. I discovered quite the stream!


  1. That is a great little stream with big surprizes. Being caught by the hand is less painful than a hook in the lip. Fish on...