Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Skunk

The last time I was skunked, I can't remember. But I was not expecting it today. This was not for lack of time or trying. I had plenty of time and a whole three miles to cover. I covered a mile with a nymph and egg rig, and the other two with big streamers. Had half of the followers took, and had I hooked half of those takers, and had a few popped off part way into the fight, I would have brought roughly twenty fish to hand today. I had a ridiculous amount of swirls, t-bones, and nips, and half hearted follows. I am surprised I didn't manage to hook anything.  I did see a few big salmon par (12-15 inches) rising in a big plunge pool, and should have tried a puffy dry fly on them. Next time. In one pool I had a big rainbow and a brown both taking swipes on a streamer (called Wally's Last Dance) two drifts in a row. It was excruciating.

Wally's Last Dance


  1. Wally looks great. Guess the fish are in limbo with the change in weather. They will get back to feeding for the last dance. Fish on...

    1. Thank you.
      I am excited for the next opportunity to fish this river.