Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tough Native Brooky Fishing

Sounds strange, right? It happens know and then. Usually it is when the water conditions are very bad. Flood level or bone dry is the cut off point for catching natives, but then again not always. Today the water was in the best condition it has been in for a week, but I was hardly catching. One Brook trout, a few missed takes, and one lost fish in a half mile was pretty tough. A few chubs were caught. Why it was a tough day, I will never know. The one Brooky I did catch was a small assailant on an Edson Tiger, living in a brush jam in front of some culverts. Unfortunately it got hooked very close to the gills and was bleeding a bit. In the water it seemed to recover well, I hope it will make it to reproduce.
My kind of road.

My kind of stream


  1. Your kind of fish. Absolutely beautiful area and at the best time of the year. Enjoy while it lasts.
    Fish on...