Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Switch

Today I had an opportunity to fish a new pond, after a cold front. Not the best fish catching conditions, but hey, one can adapt. For the first hour I prospected the shoreline with poppers and woolly buggers. I didn't see any fish at all for a long time. Finally, in a shallow cove, I found a cruising school of Largemouth Bass, 50 strong. I put on a small dragonfly nymph, and placed it on the outskirts of the school. A nice fish speared out and took the fly. I landed him. The next time the school came passed I caught one of his friends.

After releasing the second fish the school went on to different places, and another door opened in the form of big Bluegills. They were feeding actively in the flats, and the dragon fly nymphs were working perfectly. They even brought out a few lone cruising bass. Particularly the Gills put a great bend in the glass rod.

The water was fairly low as evidenced by these beds.

Then, later in the evening, the Bluegills went away and I returned to the popper. Nothing happened for an hour. Then the switch was flipped. I caught for largemouth in a row, and ended up leaving late. I'll be back for more!


  1. Clean lake in need of water. The fish were very friendly and great color. Fish on...

  2. Great fishin on the pond! Thanks for the post!