Saturday, April 25, 2015

Salmon River Streamer Slam

Today I fished the Salmon with David Gallipoli. We had some luck this time! Though there were bugs hatching, including caddis and a few different smattering of mayfly, throwing big stuff and getting it down on the bottom was the way to get fish in the cold, cold water. And it was big streamers that pulled the fish off  the bottom today. I had a three fish trout slam: a small brooky, a decent brown, and a big rainbow. David also caught one salmon, if a tiger had found one of our flies we would have had every Salmon River salmonid possible.

That just happens to be my biggest rainbow trout. He was a beefy boy. Lots of chases, including some from very big browns, and lots of fun. The hit from that bow was as solid and powerful and any. A good day on the water. 


  1. Looks as if you were busy. Nice fish.
    That rainbow had some girth.

  2. Looks like the big streamers hit the spot! Nice bow

    1. They move some of the most stubborn fish.