Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Lost Pond

We didn't know it from looking at the map, but in all likelihood the high elevation pond we hoping to find had probably not been seen by human eyes, at least from the ground, for a long time. Maybe the last time some of the adjacent land was logged. I was fairly certain from looking at the map that it was going to be extremely hard to get there if we didn't luck into a trail. I was also surprised that in all my extensive research that morning that I could not find a single photograph of it taken from the ground, not even an old black and white photo from a day and age when the may have been large swaths of clear land on its banks. There were only satellite images or photos taken form planes. It took some doing, the forest bordering this pond was thicker than anything we had ever seen before, but here it is, a look at a pond that has been largely unmolested by humans for God only knows how long.

I need to go back to that pond. I found fish bones on its bank, the bones of a brookie. And it was clearly a sizable one. There could very well be some miraculous fish in that pond.

But for the time being I had to settle for some very dark brookies out of a tannin stained stream nearby.


  1. Now that is exciting! Water that has not been fished for who knows how long. Great find and photos. That moose sure seemed at home. Nice color on the natives.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. We don't know how good the fishing is, it could be terrible. But the spot is burned into my brain and I will not be happy until I discover whether there is good fishing or not.