Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Odds... And a Few Ends

The other night I got out for a couple of hours. The water was very low and there was next to nothing as far as bug life goes so I resorted to twitching small nymphs through deeper pockets. That brought a few rainbows to hand. None came out of the water and only one was photographed, it is just two warm to mess around with these fish right now. 

 As night fell the frogs and toads came out. This is Lithobates palustris, commonly called the pickerel from. I suspect the naming of this frog is related to the similarity of its color pattern to Esox niger, the chain pickerel.

I was out carp and smallmouth fishing this morning and evening, and will probably go tomorrow morning too so you can expect a post on that tomorrow. I'm also going smallmouth fishing with Adam on the Connecticut River. He got two decent fish yesterday, two pounders, so hopefully it won't be a bust. In the meantime, here's a really bad fly tying video I made today. If you try to follow my instructions click on the title, the description on the youtube page has some very important information that I neglected to mention while shooting.


  1. Rowan, that fly is awesome. Lots of movement from the marabou, deer hair to push water and that flash....all together it spells a great predator attractor.

    1. Thanks Alan!
      It has caught me a lot of fish. It is especially productive with smallmouth bass.

  2. Great lesson on tying that fly!!! Watching you tie is special. Love those frogs.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thanks.
      It's only special because I don't usually shoot myself tying.