Thursday, July 14, 2016

Swinging Leeches and Twitching Mice

One of my favorite stretches of bass and trout water also happens to be absolutely LOADED with leeches. That generally means that a nice black rabbit strip streamer will take some good fish. You just need to be there at the right time. I went at totally the wrong time the other day, which is why I was catching nothing but sunfish instead of big smallmouth for a while.

Eventually, while I was swinging the leech through some very deep water, I got a strong pull. It ended up being a big powerful holdover rainbow, also the best fish of the outing. 

Hoping to get the smallmouth figured out I tried various topwater patterns. I only caught one, on a Morrish Mouse. Clearly today was just not going to be a big fish day. At times it is safe to leave early.


  1. Sometimes we just have to go with what is happening in nature at that time. You did get some good fish. Hope you got some rain111
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. One good fish.. there were a lot of chunky smallmouth in that pool that I would have loved to have brought to hand.