Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Went Carp Fishing, and I Found This

One of my all time favorite shows is the BBC's Top Gear. I've stopped watching it now that James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond have gone because they were what made it such a great show. Every show other than the specials had a section with various news from the auto industry. For a number of shows Clarkson added to that new segment by saying "I went on the internet... and I found this:" promptly followed by something that was always censored and never related to cars at all. I always found that to be a funny little bit.

Since I go carp fishing a lot during the summer and at least a couple of days during the week prove to be utterly useless as far as car related blog material, I've decided to start a new segment called "Today I Went Carp Fishing".

So here we go, starting with Monday.

Yesterday I went carp fishing, and I found this:


  1. Cars and Flyfishing, my two favorite things! 'Top Gear' was one of the best shows of all time. Too bad, as you say, the original boys are gone. But alas, they will be on the new show 'The Grand Tour' on Amazon.

    1. I'm very much looking forward to their new show!

  2. Great idea. Sounds fun, looking forward to seeing the finds!