Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Rik and I went carping today. It wasn't an all out carpfest. But I would say it was pretty carptastic. First, I will say that the places we worked through were not for the faint of heart: dirty, urban, polluted, sometimes loud, and honestly a pain to fish and and move around in. But, anything for a big ol' golden bone on the fly, right? I decided to use my 6'6" 3wt St. Croix Avid at the first spot since I personally have never seen a fish over 10lbs there. That worked out fine. I caught one small common and missed a handful of other takes. Funny thing is, right when we got to the pond there were no signs of life. Then, right around 8:00, it was like someone flipped a switch and the carp started to show themselves. The new weed growth made that pond a pain, so we did not stay there for as long as we could have. We decided to check out the Park River in Hartford. I had hear rumors of carp there. What we found was a shallow gravel ditch with no signs of having reasonable carp fishing. I've fished for carp in city canals before, but this just wasn't good.

We went to a place that is a sure bet and has some grotesquely fat carp. Even the bass and bluegills there were fat, and we caught a bunch between the two of us. 

Did we find carp? Yes we did! And I royally carped up a hookset on an absolute giant, probably would have been my 2nd biggest ever. Then one came unbuttoned. Then I missed the same fish twice... I was just carping up left and right. But eventually I pulled my head out of my carp and made a good shot at a cruising fish. It turned hard and at the black woolly bugger as it fell. I stuck that fish and I stuck it hard. After so many botched chances I was done fooling around. I was using my 5wt CGR, so no surprise I got a heck of a fight out of that fish. It wasn't really that big, but it was a beauty. Props go to Rik who was behind the lens this time, no one arming the fight or self timer use this time.

This isn't exactly over, but for now I will leave you with this. This is a species I have dreamed of catching for years now. Can you guess what they are?


  1. Are those Bowfin? I've never caught one, but have seen a few over the years... I'm not sure from the pic, but the fat head seems to fit...??? Looks like an awesome day!

    1. They're grass carp! But, hopefully I'll be posting photos of bowfin soon too.