Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Morning Smallies

Yesterday I made a visit to my favorite smallmouth lake. I fished from shore with big dragonfly nymphs, the way I catch most of my smallmouth from this body of water. The first couple of fish were not very big, but a 3 pounder very quickly made up for that. She wasn't very long but she was super thick.

A near continues stream of smallmouth was punctuated by the odd panfish. There really was a lot of activity on this morning. I even saw white perch spawning on a sea wall. 

I love smallies. They are a lot of fun on light fly gear, or any light tackle for that matter. Any day I catch a bunch of smallmouth is a good day. 


  1. Super cool - Smallies are far and away, one of the most fun fresh water fish to catch!

    1. Thanks,
      They are a blast, way more fun then largemouth in my opinion.