Sunday, May 7, 2017

Confirmed, Finally

I've had green sunfish on my life-list for a while, because I've fished in their native range so many many times that I knew I had caught them but hadn't gotten a clean photo ID. Well, today I was able to. Kirk and I were poking around a couple ponds and I caught a green sunfish out from all the bluegills. Finally, a clear positive ID.
A very distinct and beautiful color pattern on these guys. 

I also got the first stillwater white sucker I've ever caught, that's pretty cool. Next time, carp.


  1. Very cool - fun to keep checking off those species! I've never caught a stillwater sucker before on a fly - that's really cool. I did, crazy as this will sound, catch one on a safety pin style spinner bait bass fishing years ago. Slow rolling it through a channel in a reservoir and caught it. Crazy! They fight so well!

    1. They are fighters but when you're trying for a fish that nearly always takes backing they're a bitter consolation prize!