Friday, May 19, 2017


Yesterday I fished for a couple hours in the morning at "The Bell Pond". I was playing it fast and lose with the whole 'target species' thing. Carp, bass, perch, walleye, whatever was biting, I would catch it. There were carp feeding but they were in a bad mood and seemed extra line shy. So that went right out the window. Bass were being fairly aggressive and some were one beds. Largemouth bass and I go WAY back. I love me some bed fishing for big bass. I pulled one small male and a decent super chunky female off the bed.

It was a bluebird extra warm morning. I was not expecting to get a walleye after 8:00. But, with the sun beating down like it were a July day, I stuck a really nice 'eye on  yellow and brown clouser. Sweet!

One of these days I'll break that magic 30. Mid afternoon I drove my mom partway to the store.  Only part way because I had to get out to fish a stretch of river I had never wet a line in before. Often these kinds of things just don't pay of, but this time I was rewarded with probably one of the best 45 minute trout trips I've ever had. Fishing a Sexy Walt's Humphrey style I over 30 trout in just one run. It was crazy. They were all stocked fish but the average size was not bad. I got two rainbows that were 18 inches. They also fought extremely well, a few taking lots of line and jumping like crazy. It was just about the most fun you could have with stocked trout and nymphs. 

And what's a day with a whole bunch of variety without some evening saltwater action. I joined Dan and two of his friends to look for some stripers, and though the fishing was super weird we did find a handful of stripers. I caught one hickory shad as well. 

That was my day yesterday... busy and with lots of variety. Today I fished only for a little while and it wasn't very good. My only skunk day so far this spring.