Monday, April 9, 2018

Where is Everybody?

This basically sums up the first two places Noah and I fished yesterday. 

where is everybody twilight zone gif

Where there had been huge schools of fish just days before there were none. A cove with brush filled with perch eggs and fish eating birds seemed to be a ghost town underwater. Where the hell did all the fish go? 

The thing with large river systems is that fish can just leave an area altogether. Pack up and take a hike. A place that was teaming with life yesterday may have so few fish today you can't even get a shiner in a cast net.  

The thing is with small ponds...
They can't do that. So off to some small ponds Noah and I went, where we caught pint sized versions of a few species. Happily one carp took pity on me and slurped down my dry fly, so despite it being a very small carp I still got a good fight in from what was really a day of fish in miniature.


  1. Great look at the Eagles. It sounds like the fish did their thing and left. WOW
    Tie, fish, write, conserve and photo on...

    1. They could have did there thing and just moved into the channel. Without electronics we were counting on them being in flooded brush... faulty plan.