Thursday, March 31, 2016

Herring Check and Evening Redbreast Sunfish

The river herring project is a little over a week old, and so far none of the five of us currently working on our designated stream have seen any conclusive signs of a run. That is not really surprising, and like Steve Gephard said during the orientation any data is data. But today there was a potential sign. Alex and I saw a few silvery fish flash in the deep murky water. Maybe trout, maybe fallfish, but maybe herring. When the water goes back down we might catch a glimpse of a thin silvery fish, with a blueish back and a spot behind the operculum.
Alex Depasquale Demostrates the correct thing to do with bank-side trash... take it home!

When I got home I had just enough daylight to go to the mill pond. I caught a bunch of redbreast sunfish, a few bluegills, and a little crappie. I have business to attend to tomorrow and the weather is going to be total garbage for the weekend and Monday, but next weekend is opening weekend so I will be able to fish all my favorite streams again in just a short time.


  1. Very interesting that you are involved with herring counting - that's awesome! Nice sunnies and crappie as well.

    1. The state of CT has adopted a volunteer based program to monitor herring runs this year.

  2. Good work guys. I hope you will see those silver/blue flashes in the future.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...