Thursday, March 17, 2016

Streamer Meets Fish, Fish Meets Angler

I've introduced a lot of flies to a lot of fish, but putting big streamers in front of carnivorous trout is one of my favorite things do do. Learning newer streamer techniques that trigger big browns and rainbows to feed has introduced me to some great fish. For example, the first fish I caught today:
I put a white Boogie Man a few feet in front of him and he just couldn't resist. The eat was not so aggressive, more like a gentle grab. But it was plainly visible and seeing a fish turn from quietly resting to hunting mode is always fascinating. Mr. Rainbow, it was nice to meet you.

I fished the B water, the water that 90 percent of the people skip over. It just happens to be the water that holds some of the biggest fish and the fish that are most likely to eat. I caught some brookies and moved a few more beastly rainbows. I now where the live and in a short time I should be able to catch some of them.

The atmosphere decided to begin St. Patrick's Day Festivities around 5:15. I ran into Dave Goodsen and while we were chatting and looking at the water a storm front came in. Light rain, but high winds and strong convection. As we stood and watched as an area of weak rotation passed about a quarter of a mile to the North. It was not nearly organized enough to be tornadic, but was very interesting non the less.

The rotating updraft is the bright white lowering just over the trees.