Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IMPORTANT: If you read my blog often, read this post from start to finish

It is an important fact to understand: here in CT lots of ponds, lakes, and streams are private or ha private sections. Being a fisherman here means you either have to be willing to work with the public water there is, or you have to gain access to private spots. The ratio of public to private water I fish is about 3/1. I am very fortunate to have permission from a lot of kind property owners to fish on their land. I'm as polite and respectful as I can possibly be. I pick up garbage, keep the fish healthy, and keep a low profile. Most importantly I keep it all to myself. There are two reasons I never post exact locations: I'm protecting the fish or I'm protecting the property owner.

Now for a few months now I've been fishing the perch run in my favorite lake. The spot is private property but the gentleman who is house sitting for the owners over the winter was generous enough to let me fish it. Today when I got there he came out and was clearly not too happy. He said that a few people had showed up and that some aid they heard about it from my blog yesterday. I obviously did not give an exact location, but a few people recognized the spot. Now, I met one couple there and they were wonderful people, just as respectful and polite as I try to be. I greatly enjoyed fishing with them. But the gentleman who was politely letting us fish there was not looking for a crowd of fisherman in the back yard, and that is totally understandable. Liability is a major concern, not to mention that he is not the actual owner. I'm righting this post to help him out.

So, for my sake and others who have worked to gain the trust of property owners, listen closely: If you recognize a spot on one of my posts, do your research. If it is private, don't go there. And don't tell other people where it is either!


  1. You said it all,right,amen.
    Tie, fish with permission, write and photo on...