Monday, January 12, 2015

A Hike on a Cold Winters Eve

I went for a short hie yesterday. I was near my home water, and although I saw it in brief glimpses from the top of the ravine. It was frozen with the exception of a few of the faster chutes and riffles. It will be a few months before I fish there again. And when I do the resident wild trout will hopefully have forgotten who I was. And the next time I do fish there it will most definitely be 50 degrees and I will be fishing with blue quills over a paraleptophlebia adoptiva hatch.


  1. It looks cold in the pics. It's 17 degrees here. How is the story going?
    Write on...

    1. It's coming along. I may have it done tomorrow if I'm lucky.

  2. You ARE lucky. Here's the best advice I ever got from a respected editor: "Edit ruthlessly."
    - G.