Saturday, January 24, 2015

Catskill Style

I've always loved Catskill style dry flies. Although they are not as good a match for mayflies as, say, comparaduns or parachutes, they are still fish magnets. My mayfly box is dominated by them, mostly because I have a love for fishing fast water over those long flats. There is no doubt that a Catskill dry fly's stiff hackles help them to float in that riffle were the biggest bows are lying. But I do still use them on pools too, depending on the hatch I am fishing.

When it is cold and snowy as it is tonight, I may spend some time tying up some of these beautiful classics, with sparse wing and hackle and slim body. Hopefully they will treat my well this spring when little grey mayflies are on the wing and wild Brown Trout are rising to them.


  1. Intriguing fly you've tied, and it looks very dramatic on the mineral speciman.....
    - G.

  2. Nice tie, and it seems like a lot of great patrerns come from New York (Fran Betters' Ausable wulff and bomber). It looks like you will be spending a lot of time at the vise this week with the blizzard and cold temps. As we discussed before in one of your posts, actually excited for the storm despite all the havoc it will cause.

    1. Naturally, NY is the home of some of the best fly fishing in the East. It's also where fly fishing in the U.S. really started.

      I'm looking forward to some really rough weather here!

  3. Nice tie. Now, get your shovel tuned up. You are going to get your wish. Did you ever tie flies by candle light?
    Shovel and tie on...