Friday, January 23, 2015

Another New Piece of Equipment

Not to long ago I decided I needed a new rod for tossing streamers and fighting carp and stripers, so I went with a fairly inexpensive 9 foot eight weight sold be Cabelas. It just came today, and I have to say my expectations were exceeded. From a few brief casts in the yard and a thorough examination it looks like a good rod for the price.

I may need this sooner than carp season though, a possible trip to Pulaski is in the works. Nothing is set in stone yet.


  1. Cabela's makes some sneaky good rods and reels. I've used an 8wt from their HDT series with their made by lamson reel (forget the name) for several years for larger bass (freshwater), pike, striper's and on a few trips south reds/snook/blue's/speckled trout/jack's etc. I've got a few other rod's from them as well, and last year burned a bunch of credit card points on their CZN series 11foot 4wt. It's awesome, and I've enjoyed it for fishing other styles, not just euronymphing or high sticking. For the $, it's tough to beat the Cabela's brand lineup. My point here, is that having used a lot of their stuff, it holds up and works - your going to enjoy your purchase for years!

    1. I'm glad your experiences are so good, I had a few apprehensions but was hopeful enough to get over paying for it.

  2. The new rod looks good. They are a good retailer and they test their equipment. Enjoy!
    Tie, fish and write on...