Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good Tying Weather

I've been tying enough to almost run out of hooks. I'll have to order a bunch soon. Unfortunately the weather is going to stay un-fishy, but fortunately by the time it turns warm I will be fully equipped with more flies then anyone could need, filling ten different boxes: carp flies, bass flies, big streamers and Woolly Buggers, panfish flies, trout dry flies, small stream flies, small streamers and buck tails, nymphs, midges and small mayflies, saltwater bugs, and soft hackle wets. . Today I filled some niches in the small stream and articulated  streamer boxes.
Something Colorful

Red Tag

Butt Monkey

Wally's Last Dance

Circus Peanut


  1. Wonderful ties. You will be ready! We are all ready for new leaves. new buds and warm sunshine.
    Tie and write on...

    1. I certainly hope so. It won't really be all that long.

  2. Intriguing shapes and colors, but the names -- Wow ! Hope they bring you remarkable results....

    - G.

    1. Haha.. I only designed and named the Wally's Last Dance. You can thank Kelly Galloup for the Butt Monkey. The name stems from the brightly colored tag bellow the tail.