Saturday, January 3, 2015

The First Outing of 2015

I was excited to get this year in gear. With my newly filled brooky fly box I headed to one of my favorite haunts.

The conditions were good. It as crisp and cold, the water was stunningly clear, and it would soon start to snow. Not the best conditions for a dry fly, but I caught two on dries today: one on a Mr. Rapidan, one on an Irresistible. The other fish were taken on pink worms, Something or Others, and a brightly colored Bergman style wet fly.

The little ones above came from a section of stream that is starting a rebound after being cleaned out by scavengers a few years ago. It was good to see some fish there. Downstream from a man made waterfall I caught a bunch of beauties. I was waiting for a real monster of a brooky, but he never came. I know he's in there somewhere! At that point it was snowing very heavily. If you haven't fished in the snow, it is a magical experience. Particularly if you are catching native char.

A perfect trip to start out the year. I was worried I would start out on a skunk, which certainly didn't happen. It's going to be a good year I think.


  1. Awesome post! Looks like you had a really productive trip especially for this time of year. Well done! That first brookie was good sized and the last one still had some pink on his belly...very cool. Not sure how I feel about the waterfall because there is no way those brookies can get upstream during the summer! I have never fished in the snow, so I definitely need to get on that. I just stumbled upon your blog, and it is amazing, and I share your love for chasing the natives.

    1. Thank you!
      These dams are unfortunate, but in the least it helps to oxygenate water and always holds a good pool bellow during the summer.
      It's always good to be in touch with people who are passionate about these spectacular creatures.

  2. Nice catch in the snow. Man stopped them from going upstream, man can put a bucket full upstream.
    They do get good oxygen. It is 60 here today????? A cold week coming up.
    Thanks for the trip. Fish on...

    1. Very true.
      It is warm here as well, I guess one last hurrah before it gets really cold.