Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mega Bass and Micro Walleye

Some hard core kayak fly fishing went down today. I pounded the ledges with clousers and pike flies today in hopes of big bass and walleye. Some of the day was spent using a sinking tip, something I rarely do. At first all I was able to do was get some dinky but very colorful smallmouth bass.

Then I noticed a fish swimming just bellow the waters surface, very slowly. Clearly something was wrong with it. I was actually able to grab it's tail. A little walleye, probably released by a fisherman who did not take the proper measures to ensure it's survival. I was a little more helpful, and after some careful resuscitation the fish got it's strength back. Hopefully he'll make it to be  the 26 inch fish I am trying to get on a fly rod now.

Then, with wind increasing, I drifted and cast a pike fly to the shore and docks. Suddenly the bright fly, clearly visible under the water's surface, just disappeared. I set the hook and a big largemouth sky rocketed. After a spirited battle I brought the well fed bass to hand. She had inhaled that big fly, it was deep in the mouth but loosely hooked. With an unceremonious tail splash the fish returned to the depths. I spent the next few hours tolling around not having much luck.


  1. Nice bass! Two questions: what is resuscitation (whatever it is I'm glad you saved that walleye)? Also, how do you know where the ledges are if you don't have a depth you just know from experience with the lake?

    1. Thank you,
      Essentially the word means 'bringing back to life'. That's the word that the R in CPR stands for.

      I have examined topographic maps of every lake I have fished more than just a couple of times. I have a very good memory when it comes to maps, which comes in handy. That being said, figuring out the location of a dropoff in 15ft of water out in the middle of a lake is very much trial and error without a depth finder.

  2. Exciting trip. Looks like a lot of fun for sure!

  3. Nice trip on the water. You caught some beautiful fish. I love that fly.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...