Friday, June 12, 2015

Night Hatch

Twilight settles in. Frogs, insects, and coyotes provide an eerie chorus. But the angler hears something else from the quietly trickling flat. Pop! Splash! Plunk! Plop! Trout, bass, and sunfish rise to the same white flies and sulfurs that blunder into the angler as he positions himself for the cast. One of each fish comes to hand, but, alas, when the king of the pools slashes at the White Wulff the angler misses the hook set. The brown trout caught has a crook back but fights remarkably...

Happy birthday, me.


  1. Your writing alone created a vivid mental image, but I enjoyed the pictures too. So happy you had the kind of birthday that inspired you.

  2. What a great evening. The sundown does bring on a new atmosphere and welcome to a angler. That trout does have a spinal issue but must do just fine. Happy Birthday, you.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...