Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wild Tuesday

Black Raspberries
 This afternoon felt like the right conditions to get so wild trout, so I went for I hike into a productive creek. Here's the first look I got:

To the end of my 6x tippet I tied a Black Gnat. The first cast into a slick pool was rewarded with a gorgeous wild brook trout. To me it stands out as being a particularly well colored specimen:

By an undercut I saw a rise. It ended up being a very nice brooky, well proportioned and about as colorful as they get. I kept working up, casting to every likely spot and catching feisty trout all along the way.

Tight Quarters

 The above shown pool has a habit of either giving up many good fish or non. Today it was particularly generous, as I caught more fish here than the rest of the stream. The second to last was a gorgeous male that slashed at a skated bomber. The colors remind me of days to come when the leaves are changing and the bite of cool air begins it's subtle approach.

I decided to take a different path home and was rewarded with wild blueberries and the occasional presence of the local ungulates.


  1. Dude, that looks like my kind of day :) Today looked like a really prime day to be out there. Lucky that you got to be on the water. Very nice catches indeed!

    I've fished a place not far from Hartford that has a similar situation to the first photo where a tree fell backwards away from the water leaving the root structure in tact.... it was the only place I could hook fish because they didn't see me...

    Those flatter meandering streams seem to really have spooky fish and you need to stay far back. Tight casting! Impressive.

    1. Thanks.
      They are often very rewarding, I've caught some of my best wild trout out of this stream.

  2. That stream is a challenge and rewarding. It's nice to be eating while you travel. Those natives had a good size to them. The deer recognize you by now. Thanks for the trip!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  3. Awesome day! Those colors on the third zoomed in pic are outstanding as are the ones on that colored up male. That small stream certainly gives up some sizable brookies! I noticed the colors on those brookies seem dark to match the tannin-stained and well shaded water. I find that blueberries seem to be around brook trout streams quite often--the two come together.

    1. Thank you,
      I don't care where they grow, wild blueberries are delicious.