Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What the Heck? Why all the Catfish?

I have caught catfish on the fly before in years past. I caught one last year, and one the year before. But this year is on a whole new level. The total number I have caught on flies this year, and not using the clouser+worm trailer technique, is 6. And only three of those, including the one I just caught a few hours ago, were sight fished. CRAZY! I'm not sure what I'm doing to get so many half blind, taste/vibration oriented bottom feeders to take a tasteless mass of feathers, but.... WOO HOO! I'm lovin this thing! Fricken catfish on the fly while it lasts!

Anyway the last one I got was in the canal at the lake. There were a few carp mucking unhappily about but I was more interested in the big black bullhead I could see rooting around in the rocks. A few casts and some twitches and SLURP! In went the fly. He was the only fish I landed during the course of the outing. The great thing was my friend, who was just preparing a piece of cutbait to throw in, said "He's not interested in your fly!". I replied "You sure about that?" and set the hook. Best timing possible.


  1. I am just as amazed as you are. The amount of species you catch on the fly is remarkable! And talk about silencing the doubters what timing haha!