Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another Sweet New Spot

It's another weekend in my new area, and once again this time I was looking forward to scouting out some good water. Unlike last time, I was very successful. Yesterday I hiked into a pond that looked pretty good on when I found it using google maps. It looked even better when I got there, especially when I spotted a huge largemouth when I spooked it out from it's lie near a culvert. One of the biggest I have ever seen.
My scouting did not land me any big fish, but I determined there were bluegills, largemouth, pickerel, and what I think were grass carp though I was unable to catch them: big fish cruising just under the surface far out in the middle. The biggest thing I hooked was beaver, who got pretty upset about my having done that. I can't help casting to something that looked just like the big fish way out there!
I did also see plenty more enormous largemouth, most of which were following the smaller fish I was catching in. One was big enough to render me momentarily mentally disabled.

The beaver after I got it unhooked:

Oh, and I also found the biggest ant hill I have ever seen...

This will definitely be a spot to go to with big poppers either early in the morning or at night. I see behemoth bass in my future!


  1. Some nice catches! The beaver was a little upset. I'm sure an evening on this lake will be rewarding. No p's in this statement, hug.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thanks,
      who wouldn't be after having a hook stuck in them?

  2. That was just a scouting trip...I'm sure the big boys will be yours next time!