Sunday, July 5, 2015

Trout Park

I really don't like fishing water that is very heavily fished and frequently stocked, but I found myself in such a place today when both my dad and I were exhausted and unable to get up early to go to the Farmington. We opted for more local water that neither of us had fished before. I'm not going to keep this one a secret, because it just ain't. Chatfield Hollow. I honestly don't think I'll fish there again, there are far prettier, more natural, and more productive waters I can choose from. But it was good just to scout it out. I caught bluegill and perch, my dad got a rainbow, and plenty of fauna of the slithering scaly variety was observed or caught (I love me some snake catching). Notably, a big blacksnake, a hefty water snake, and a garter snake that struck readily and flattened it's head out to appear venomous. Another new sight, my brother discovered a nest of turkey vultures. Very cool!

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