Thursday, July 2, 2015

Light Gear Pond Fishing From a Canoe

A good friend of mine allowed me to borrow his canoe today, so Dalton and I hit the water hard. He only caught one fish, but it's a goodie:

I caught the first bass on a fly I designed called "Nucking Futs". He was just a bit ambitious.

 Eventually I dropped the 8 wgt. and picked up the 3 and the real fun began. We dock hopped and I caught some big bluegills and gorgeous crappies. Dalton still looks down upon panfish but I know I had a lot more fun than he was having!

Eventually we changed gears and I let Dalton miss some epic topwater hits in the pads. And I caught a frog.

Just outside the pads I began catching some bass and crappie on a marabou streamer.

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