Friday, July 31, 2015

Close Enough

I searched all over the lake this morning for a carp, and I found many. Not all of them were willing. Some didn't notice the fly, others had it land right on top of their backs due to my drowsy condition. Eventually I found a nice fish tailing over a gravel bottom in the perfect spot for me to present the fly too. I had on a big olive bead headed pattern. I saw the fish react to it's hitting the water, then watched as it moved forward, tipped down, and picked it up. I set the hook and it dumped right into the backing. As is usual after that there was a long period of give and take, then I got it to shore, it saw me, and it did another long run. That tired it out and I got it to hand again. Then I did a stupid. Carp often react badly to being touched for the first time, and this one did just that. Usually I let go of the leader early enough and get the rod back into position but this time I was to slow. The tippet broke and the carp returned to the lake. But I'm OK with that. I got the take, the fight, and a good look and brief opportunity to handle the fish. It wasn't an extraordinary fish in any way other than it's strength. That and it was a carp. Any carp caught on artificial fly is a minor miracle. To be perfectly honest, I was somewhat upset. But there's always tomorrow, and Kirk and I have plans to fish a pond where locals feed the carp bread. That makes for a good opportunity to get my first ever carp on a dry fly and Kirks second carp on any fly.

I did get a few cool shots on the first run, so thanks for that, fish!


  1. A great day on open water with carp on the line. Does it get any better than that...
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. I'm an optimist. It can always get better and probably will.

  2. Glad you are an optimist. Too many pessimists around, roiling the waters. I enjoyed the clear, specific steps you outline for reading the waters and the carp.
    - G.