Sunday, July 26, 2015

Catfish on Articulated Streamers

I went out last night hoping to target bass and walleye with big streamers after dark. I used big streamers but walleye and bass were hardly what I got! As the night settled in and the most wonderful cloud formations that were too beautiful to describe and too subtle to photograph floated over head, I began feeling bites that I typically associate with the whiskered species. Eventually I managed to hook one on a black circus peanut and was soon holding a croaking bullhead. A short time later I hooked a familiar face, a tailless fish from earlier in the year. As complete darkness fell two species of mayflies danced, one a size 12 light cahill look alike and the other a size 22  clear bodied three tailed fly. But the big carnivores didn't seem active, so I walked home under the cover of darkness.


  1. Yes, the cloud reflections in the water look interesting. Those whiskered catches will tell you what they think.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  2. That is one big rabbit! I have been seeing so many around lately especially on my local golf course. Lots of young of the year as well. Glad you got some of your whiskered friends! That first streamer pictured is quite interesting and mangy.